Bairnsdale Golf and Bowls Club: Paynesville Road, Eagle Point



January has been busy for the Course staff, with lots of clean up involved from strong winds, and irrigation repair has also been frequent.
Course Management Practices undertaken during January have included:-
Preparations for day to day running of all Club events Golf and Bowls;
Air2g2 Machine Bowls Greens and Golf Green trial;
IPM spray management Programs; preparation for ladies tee works;
irrigation repairs; clean up from winds; herbicide application Poa annual control Golf Greens;
Bunker edging, sand top-up in selected bunkers; general course maintenance practices.

The Greens are performing well and providing a great putting surface, we are getting some very good results with the Poa annua controls.
These practices will be monitored and continue throughout next month. Three Golf greens were treated with the Air2g2 Machine.
This machine is used to inject high pressure air deep into the soil profile, and this will help fracture the hard native sand base deep in the greens profile.

This aids is developing new channels for deeper root growth, and allowing gaseous exchange. Greens have been treated with a preventative fungicide, insecticide and wetting agent.

Upcoming greens maintenance will include: all Greens to be treated with the Air2g2 machine on February 13th and 14th, monthly verti–draining, dusting, and monthly wetting agent applications.
Early in the month both Greens were treated with the Air2g2 machine. This machine has the capability to tine the greens surface with no disruption and inject fresh air under pressure into the soil profile at selected This practice aids in encouraging deep root growth and helps with water movement.

The top green is bowling very well and providing a fantastic surface, the bottom green is improving every week recovery from renovation is taking a bit longer than expected, and the Greens speed is improving weekly. This month both greens were treated with fungicide, insecticide and wetting agent, ongoing grooming and shaving has been part of the program.

Divoting of tees will be on a fortnightly or as needs basis. Irrigation repairs have taken place on required tees. Select tees have been lightly scarified to remove thatch build up and organic matter, this will help with water infiltration and aid in promotion of healthy new leaf growth, light granular fertilizer application followed this process.

Native plantings have been thinned out around the men’s 15th tee (to improve access and to help widen the teeing area). This will be a continuing process through the next few weeks. The resurfacing program for ladies tees on holes 14 and 15 will start this week. This will include stripping of Kikuyu turf and thatch, tee top levelling and shaping, irrigation adjustments and re – sodding with Santa anna couch from the turf nursery. (Temporary tees will be in place until new turf is down.)

General maintenance has taken place for the month, pre–emergent weed herbicide and wetting agent applications are due to proceed late Jan early Feb. General bunker maintenance has taken place including bunker edging, spraying for weeds and grasses,
General clean-up of fallen branches and limbs in roughs. Clean up from strong winds throughout the course.
Extensive use of the ‘Raco Vac’ to remove fallen leaves on problem areas around the course.
OH&S: C. Rimington sustained a minor crush injury to two fingers on his right hand whilst making repairs to the no medical attention was required (incident report filed). Fuel storage bunting being looked into.
Scheduled maintenance is being carried out on all machinery as required.

December 2015 55mm December 2016 35mm
January 2016 83mm January 2017 11mm
Works Program for February 2017 to include:-
Preparation for all Club and corporate events Golf and Bowls; ladies tee resurfacing program; Air2g2 maintenance to all Golf Greens; vegetation works 15th. men’s tee; bore investigation/ repair; irrigation works/repair; wetting agent, herbicide application Fairways, Tees; IPM Control Program; issues which may arise from committee meeting; Works program may vary due to weather conditions.

Craig Rimington Course Superintendent